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Love is all there is, and anything that is perceived as limiting, including the fear of being seen and doubt in one's self to build a thriving business is a mere illusion that we ALL have the power to overcome. This love is my message and it's greater than any illusion of fear. 

We ALL have an inherent value, on and offline - that is so magnificent and determined solely by the universal law that we are made of the exact same awesome stuff - stardust, energy, molecules whatever you want to call it... we are all special and none of us are special at the same time. 

Because I live in a limitless reality of potential that I co-create with divine Source that is an ever expanding Good, I show up each day to create, craft and connect with those who I am meant to serve.

I am so so grateful for insights both perceived as good and "bad" regardless of form because they give my art of LIFE so much texture. I am grateful for the journey, blessed with an abundance that is overflowing that I must share and give to others that which increases my joy. 

I open my heart and hands each day to receive the flow of abundance that is possible through Grace, God and the ever expanding good I am co-creating online.  

Peace & RICHEST blessings, 




Jazz, better known online as LifeByJazz is a video expert and Youtube content creator who has been featured on Unleashed Entrepreneur Podcast with Erika Sheffer, Brand Like a Boss, Elevate Your Sales with Lila Gonzales, the Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast and Shameless Maya on Youtube... just to name a few!

She helps coaches, healers and spiritual leaders to move past fear and become visible beacons online so that they can been seen as natural influencers, impact even more people and grow their business.

Since launching her Youtube channel, she's grow her online community to over 11,000 subcribers and has been invited to speak at summits and festivals sharing her inspirational journey of the power of vlogging & conscious content creation.


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Let your video light flow.